A World Without Advertising

Everyone has had it once in a while with advertising. Advertising clutter has reached the point where viewers skip every ad whenever they can. They feel like ads intrude their lives too much that they feel like it invades personal space and privacy.

A study done by Mr. Walker-Smith, the President of Yankelovich Marketing Team last 2006 revealed that people are exposed to as many as 5000 ads a day. How much more could this exposure be today in the latest time of technology?

While ads are seen as a pesky thing that constantly reminds people of what they need and want, it turns out that a world without advertising won’t be as great as most people thought. At first, it seems too good to be true because there will be no media clutter to deal with. After all, our world is full of ads. Even the average person is exposed to thousands of ads so it’s not surprising if people want to wee away from all the noise.

Without advertising, all products and services will become uniform and look the same.

Imagine doing your weekly grocery shopping and you needed to buy milk for your toddler.  In the infant milk isle, instead of having a known brand in mind, you would be confounded with brands that you haven’t heard before. There will be no way of telling which brand is better and how does it compare with others unless you would research each product’s nutritional values and ingredients. Advertising would just be something that would run around through word of mouth and it would be up to you to believe it or not.

Smaller brands will have a hard time getting by.

By eliminating advertising, branding will become a thing of the past. For example, farmers who want to sell their fresh milk will have a slimmer chance of being bought because nobody knows who they are and what kind of milk they sell. There will be no brand connection, customer-product relationship, and no emotional value to any brand because companies cannot send out messages to their buyers. What’s worse is that bigger companies that have a large production capacity and will most probably dominate the entire milk isle and leave the smaller companies to operate with one foot in the grave.

Quality is everything.

Without brands being able to boast about what they’re good at, customers will base their buying power with a product’s quality and benefit. Brands that have low quality would disappear from the shelves. While this is mostly a good thing, it takes more money to create high quality products, and this would mean that the price of the goods would increase. People who don’t have enough money to buy good quality products are bound to not buy them at all.

Inspiring ads will no longer be a thing.

Nowadays, brands do not only send products but also stories that convey deeper messages that  inspire their market. Brands develop personalities and enter the lives of their market. Nike’s ad “Just Do It!” encouraged a lot of people to start exercising and practice a better lifestyle. The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” would not have raised awareness to the illness, and get funded with millions of dollars in research without advertising. Another is the “It’s More Fun In the Philippines” Campaign that helped with the Philippines’ eco-tourism building. Ads help to spread inspiring messages and without brands being able to convey it.

And finally, say goodbye to the free benefits that you receive.

We know what you’re thinking. Well, nothing is free in life. Exactly. TV programs like Stranger Things or Game of Thrones would require higher subscription fees to watch. The news can only be accessed by those who can afford it. Even communication through SMS and calls would ask for more money in your bills because brands can no longer advertise through media and it would be the people who have to pay for it. Gmail, facebook, youtube, etc. would also require payment. You won’t see pesky ads anymore but imagine paying money every time you want to post an image on social media.

In a world where ads don’t exist, the options are limited and are too expensive for everyone. Advertising helps to run the world, and a world without advertising is not a world that you would want to live in.