Types of Advertising and Marketing Agencies


The big world of advertising boils down to four kinds of agencies. While all produce ads, they have different means and methods. Here are the four types of Ad Agencies that your business can choose from.

  1. Full-Service Ad Agency

Alchemy Advertising is classified as a Full-Service Ad Agency. We can manage a client’s marketing and advertising. Like a tailor, who designs and sews a shirt from the drawing board to the actual product then sells it to customers, a full-service ad agency is the same.  The services include strategic planning, production, creativity, media placements, and IMC. Full-service agencies help a business save their time in managing their marketing campaigns because we work in all kinds of media platforms may it be traditional (TV and Print), non-traditional (Guerrilla Marketing, Activations, etc) or digital media (Internet Based Solutions).

  1. Digital Advertising Agency

There are agencies that focus on using the digital platform and they are called a Digital Ad Agency. These agencies partner with IT professionals and together, they create websites, apps, games, e-commerce, etc.—everything that may be communicated through the internet. A Digital Ad Agency is always in the know about the latest technological advances and social media trends that the people follow.

  1. Media Buying Agencies

These agencies specialize in advising a client on where and when to place their ads. Alchemy Advertising started out as a Media Buying Agency and knows that having established contacts is the secret in getting the lowest price as possible. Media buying agencies have a collection of their pricing rates, demographics, psychographics, geographics, and all other types of data that will aid an ad in reaching the right target market.

  1. Creative Boutiques

These are small agencies that provide innovative graphic arts and design services. Businjesses usually get a creative boutique’s service if they only need a brochure or poster design. Everything and anything related in designing marketing materials are usually what creative boutiques do. The team is composed of a copywriter, art director and creative director.

  1. PR Agencies
    Ad agencies and PR agencies give different services but both have the same goal—to promote a company, service, or person. Unlike ad agencies, PR agencies do not create ads and place them on media; instead they work on creating an image for a company through the help of earned media like an editorial coverage in TV programs, newspapers, magazines and websites.