Advantages and Disadvantages of PR

Public relations or PR for short, help a lot of business to keep being noticed. PR is different from advertising because they focus on a person or a company’s image. Their goal is to make their client look good. Listed in this article are the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional PR agency.


  1. Give Your Company A Better Image

PR is not about advertising at all, it’s all about the image and status of a company and a product. PR puts the image of a company on the greener side of the field. A successful PR agency always ends their work with the company looking as positive as they can.


  1. Your Audience Will Trust You

Accept it or not, people today are not simply fooled by marketers. Thanks to today’s information at the tip of our hands, consumers can now evaluate a product in a minute. This is why having information about your products online especially in the news is a big factor. Having credibility to consumers, having their trust in your products, will lead to success.

  1. Cheapest Way to Promote Your Brand

It’s the cheapest, unless you hired the wrong agency. PR agencies do not create creative works like design and layout, nor do they manage media buying.

  1. You’ll Have the Right Customers

It’s easier to have the right target market with PR. Once the articles are published using the right media (ie. an article about coffee beans in the Philippines may be posted on media that appeal to coffee drinkers, and potential coffee agriculturists.) With PR, the articles will give information without being all over the place.


  1. Marketers Are Not That Involved

When a marketer wants to have their business or products featured in an article, they won’t have direct control over it if they’re with a PR agency. As a PR agency, they will be the ones to decide where the material will go.

  1. Your Message May Be Altered

Even if the marketer and the PR agency had met with the brief, the PR agency will still place the information about the product in news form to make it look more official. Sometimes when the information about a product is placed in the news, the message that the client wants to convey is slightly altered.

  1. The PR News Might Become Delayed

Because PR articles and features are placed in news slots, there is a possibility that other more important news will surface and bump off the ad’s slot.

In the Philippines, the line between PR agencies, Ad agencies, and Marketing agencies has blurred. Nowadays, agencies actually offer more than what they are supposed to but be wary of agencies that might not be able to deliver. Check the company’s background and make sure that they have done similar works or projects to what you will ask them to work on. Alchemy Advertising has been in the industry for 14 years, and has a lot of experience with creating PR related works.

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Sample PR Article of Alchemy Advertising written by Aira San Pedro for Bosch Philippines.