The Harsh Truth: Why Agencies Lose Clients

The next thing you know the contract is already over and you’re both seeking other partners. What went wrong?


Operating an Advertising Agency

What makes an ad agency and how do they work?


Will Your Brand Make it Past the Skip Button?

We are in a society where people are bombarded daily with ads. What can you do so they can remember you, or even prevent them from clicking the Skip Ad button?

Social Media Marketing: Choosing the right platform for your brand

Not all social media advertising platforms are created equal. Each has its own strengths and weakness depending on the industry and target audience of the brand.


What is Online Video Advertising?

Today, consumers expect advertising to be brief, targeted, and convenient. They immediately ignore clutter that doesn’t capture their attention. Thanks to video advertising, brands have been more effective in connecting with their consumers through engaging content delivered through various channels and devices.


Go Mobile or Go Home

Smartphones, iPads, tablets; everyone owns at least one type of mobile gadget. You’re probably reading this on a mobile device right now.


Is Social Media Enough To Advertise A Brand?

It’s a great platform but it’s dangerous to assume that once you create a social media account and post your products, your target market will be instantly clicking the “like” button on your page.


Aside from offering products and services to customers, many businesses nowadays engage themselves into various efforts that aim to contribute to the nation’s improvement.

Designer’s Guide: East vs. West

Although the western culture has already established rules on design, we must also take the eastern cultures into consideration.

Design 101: Creating the Perfect Logo For Your Brand

With only seconds to impress a potential buyer, what can present your brand’s image more than a logo? Read on and we’ll help you create the perfect logo for your brand.