La Cornue’s Cornufe is now in the Philippines

French brand La Cornue recently launched its newest collection that is to be the star of Pinoy’s kitchen – Cornufe.


OlymBIC Games goes to Ateneo

It’s the final leg of OlymBIC Games 2017! Last September 28, BIC Stationery Philippines hosted the third and last phase of the OlymBIC Games at the Ateneo Grade School.


OlymBIC Games goes to CKSC

Last September 9, brave troops of girl scouts and boy scouts from Chiang Kai Shek College were the next to take on the challenge of becoming the next OlymBIC Games winners.


OlymBIC Games goes to QCSHS

It was an afternoon full of fun and excitement as BIC Stationery Philippines hosted the OlymBIC Games at Quezon City Science High school last September 2, 2017.


Managing Your Facebook Content Right

Do you wish your brand’s Facebook account has more followers? Are you looking for ways to increase your post engagement? Then, this article is for you.

With the presence of numerous Facebook business pages these days, competition is harder than ever. Posting content should be done strategically and managed effectively. Here are some tips to help you in coming up with relevant and successful content for your own Facebook business page:

  • Plan – Don’t just post, plan your content. Doing so will help you address the needs of your audience. In planning, it includes the list of relevant topics you wish to share with your followers based on how you want them to perceive your brand to be in social media. This can include product posts, tips, memes, celebration posts, games and the like.
  • Establish social interaction – While Facebook allows your business to reach potential customers, take note that it is mainly for establishing connection and experience with them. So as much as possible, refrain from posting too much hard-sell content. Instead, create a healthy mix of topics that your followers can relate to. Remember, make it subtle. People these days hate everything that is too much.
  • Create compelling yet conversational headlines – According to a study, people these days have short attention span. So, make sure to come up with attention – grabbing copy for your post. Also, consider the conversational style of writing, as it gives your followers the sense that they are not just dealing with the brand but with an actual person, too. Further, in crafting headlines, it is advisable to use active words than passive, as it conveys a sense of engagement between you and your followers.
  • Use Relevant Visuals – use images that are relevant to your business. Also, make sure that it has aesthetic value and is in line with your own brand guidelines. If you are to use photos from the internet, don’t forget to give credits to the owner. Consider posting videos as well as sharing links to add variety to your page.









Facebook Updates that Can Help Your Brand

Is your brand making the most out of Facebook features? If not, maybe some of these updates can help!


Jargons in the Advertising Industry

Ever heard someone say something about advertising and you just nod because you have no clue what it means?


User Generated Content: Your Company’s Best Marketer

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to have meaningful relations with brands, and brands will do anything to get the audience’s attention. How do you resolve it?


Determining the Right Communication Strategies for your Brand

FACT: Not all advertising strategies are created equal. This may be a generation where digital marketing prevails but that does not mean that it will work with your brand, too. While each has its own list of strengths and weaknesses, it is important to determine first which among the communication channels fits your product and marketing objective and achieve the perfect branding for your brand.

So how do you determine the right strategy for your brand? We give you the following guidelines to help you decide the right mix for your product:

  1. Identify the reasons

List down the objectives for the campaign. Do you wish to inform, promote, sell? Defining the reasons behind the decision to launch a campaign is beneficial in determining the right channels to use.

  1. Who is your target audience?

It is important to determine who your intended audience are, what they do and why they do it. Your messaging and communication strategy will depend on the behavior and profile of your target audience. Do note that message channels fit the needs and practice of the people who are using it.

Infographic for Market Segmentation. From agencysparks.com

  1. Know the right mix

You decide to use communication strategies because (1) you want to inform people about your brand; and (2) you want to influence them to choose your brand over the others. Most of the time, one channel is not enough to achieve the desired outcome of influencing the people regarding your brand. It is always ideal to do a mixed channel strategy to ensure that you are able to meet your goal. Of course, the mix will be determined by your target audience.

Guide for Channel Selection. From cebglobal.com

  1. Experiment and Measure

Get to use various channels and see which works best. For digital strategies, there are analytics available to help you measure the success of the channel used for the campaign. You can also compare the sales per month as one of the success measures. Always provide ample time per strategy execution.


  1. Determine your resources

How much budget do you wish to spend for the campaign? Look for channels that will justify the expenditure. Remember, there is nothing wrong with spending more or less for a campaign. But not too much.