Emotions Commonly Used in Ads

Evoking emotion is a tried and tested strategy that brands use to draw interest to their products and/or advocacy. Let’s see how different brands use emotion as a way to drive connections with their viewers.


Alchemy Advertising Goes To Club Punta Fuego!

On April 23-24, the team left QC and headed to the highlands at the south of Manila. Sat through the SLEX’ hustle and bustle and bared through the tropical summer heat just to visit the beautiful and luxurious resort Club Punta Fuego!


Types of Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Here are the four types of Ad Agencies that your business can choose from.

Why People Hate Ads

Every one who viewed this article was in awe of number 7.


A World Without Advertising

Even the average person is exposed to thousands of ads so it’s not surprising if people want to wee away from all the noise.


Puso at Pera: How Emotions Influence Consumer Behavior

When it comes to ads, we like to believe that we are rational and objective decision-makers. But the truth is, aside from all our rationalizations, our emotions still greatly influence the decisions we make on a daily basis.


How To Tell A Story In 30 Seconds

Stories have always been part of the human experience. And in this information-saturated age, brands won’t be noticed by consumers unless they’re telling stories.


Operating an Advertising Agency

What makes an ad agency and how do they work?


Will Your Brand Make it Past the Skip Button?

We are in a society where people are bombarded daily with ads. What can you do so they can remember you, or even prevent them from clicking the Skip Ad button?

7 Tips in Advertising a Restaurant

Here are 7 tips on how you can become the next “it” place on your customer’s mind.