Making Email Marketing More Effective


Advertising and marketing, we can admit, have become trickier these days with tight competition among various brands and industries.  Getting the attention of your target audience is not easy as it was before, strategies must be upgraded and execution must be done right to capture the interest of the market.

The same scenario is also seen in email marketing. Many individuals hate that their email accounts receive too many messages from various companies and brands, which results to either getting those emails deleted without being opened or simply unsubscribing from them. These are what make successful email marketing a challenge these days.

So how do you ensure that your email messages are catchy and powerful enough to skip that delete or unsubscribe button? We give you these helpful tips to aid you in effectively managing this strategy:

  1. Define your purpose  In any strategies that a company will use to market their brand, it always starts with determining the WHY of the campaign. Do you want to inform, promote or sell? The purpose allows you as a strategist to come up with a clear message that you want your recipients to learn from you.
  1. Do not mislead – There are some email messages that have a catchy subject but with a totally different message inside. This usually results to recipients getting annoyed since their expectations from the subject head are not met by your email content. If you want to ensure that your potential clients will not click the delete button when seeing your emails, or worse, unsubscribe from your mailing list, do not mislead them.
  1. Know your target audience  Who are the recipients of your emails? It is important to define your audience’s demographics and psychographics so you can easily craft a message that fits their needs and expectations. As John Rapton from Forbes.com said, being empathetic about the needs and concerns of your target audience is the quickest way to create meaningful email content and campaigns that will be both valuable to you and your customers.

  1. Ensure clear yet catchy messaging  As mentioned, never go astray your original intent. But, being clear does not mean you can’t be creative. Remember, you have to make them click on the subject line first. In creating catchy email subjects, various ways are available for you to use. You can either be straightforward, emotionally – appealing, or something that will make them think. Just make sure it is aligned to your objective and fits your target audience.
  1. Always include a Call to Action Call to action is one of the most important parts of email marketing, for this is designed to grab the recipients’ attention and encourage action from them. Messages like “Click this to know more” or “Claim your free item here” does not just make people click on it but it also let them know that there is more to your email message.

Sample Email Message. Photo from campaignmonitor.com

  1. Run some tests first – Get to know what the sample size of your recipients will think and do with your messaging by running test messages. Check the stats and see how they respond to it before sending it out to a bigger audience.
  1. Evaluate and Measure the Success Make sure to set evaluation and success measures to know how your message went. Compare the statistics – for example, how many opened the email from month 1 to month 2; or how many clicked the click to action button from month 1 to month 2. This can tell if you are doing the email marketing right or if not, can provide you an insight that there is something that you need to change or do to ensure high success rate in the next months.












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