Celebrating Moments with Hallmark Philippines

Quezon City – It was a night full of music, words and art as Hallmark Philippines hosted “Celebrating Hallmark Moments” last December 10, 2016 at the UP Town Center.

DIGITAL MARKETING 2017: What awaits us all?

In this generation where digital technology is already considered a necessity, many brands and products are turning into digital technology as a way to create awareness to their target audience.

End the Stigma (Mental Health Ads)

The goal of any mental health ad is to end the stigma. Because misconceptions have been garnered over the years, these ads aim to counter common myths about mental health in a way that people who don’t experience any form of mental illness will still be able to understand.

Go Retro (The 50s & 60s)

By the time the Nifty Fifties rolled in, advertisements started to reach a wider range of consumers. The use of traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and the radio were still vital throughout the next decade as people have only mastered the language of television by the 1960s.

Less is More

Many people have adopted the phrase as a personal mantra, and many advertising companies are not far behind on catching on and doing the same thing. Because of the lack of visual clutter, the viewer’s eyes would directly go to the desired focal point, thus minimalism gives way for viewers to immediately focus on the message instead of anything else.


While advertising, in general, involves major reliance on presentation of images to the public – be it in billboards, television screens, magazines, or the auditory pictures given through radio – a foolproof advocacy ad will trigger emotions in people that commercial advertising simply cannot.

A State to Create

Advertising does not only sell a product; in many instances, companies, organizations, groups of people, or even a single person can use advertising to sell an aspect, an idea, an advocacy.

Reasons Why You Need to Advertise

If you are debating whether or not you need to advertise, let me answer for you. Yes, you definitely do and here are the reasons why.

Is Advertising for You?


Everywhere you go, advertising follows you. It is prevalent and always present. From the moment you turn on your television in the morning until you fall asleep from browsing the internet. The reward of working in advertising is that you get to see your works come to life. The advertising industry is a very interesting environment to be in.

There are two major teams in an advertising agency: the creative team and the non-creative team.

The creative team is composed of artists and writers. They are in charge of conceptualizing and executing the different collateral materials.

The non-creative team is composed of account executives, traffic managers, media coordinators, media directors, and researchers. These people may not be part of the creative team, but they are as crucial because without them, the creative team would not have anything to work with. The account executives are those who work directly with the client. These people also give their input and help the creative team.

If you are interested to have a career in the industry, here are few questions you need to ask yourself first.

ARE YOU UP FOR A CHALLENGE? The pressure is high in advertising. The success or the failure of the campaign is in your hands (but not entirely). The industry is fast-paced and competitive and with these come the pressure. You will need to squeeze your creative juices with the numerous revisions, short deadlines, and last minute changes to name a few.

ARE YOU A TEAM PLAYER? You cannot succeed in advertising if you are not a team player. Working with other people is essential in order to get things done. There are times that you will work by yourself, but there will be a lot of times that you need to work with other people as well. There is no successful advertising agency where its employees do not interact with one another.

ARE YOU CONFIDENT? The job requires you to have a strong heart and be able to take criticisms well.  Not all the time will your work be approved. You need to know that it is okay for you to get rejected once in a while.

ARE YOU READY TO WORK LONG HOURS? In advertising, it usually does not follow the normal 8-hour office work. Doing overtime is a norm and sometimes, you even have to work during holidays and on weekends.

These are just questions. These questions do not necessarily answer whether or not you are an advertising type of person, but this is a guide. If you think you are fit and up for the challenge in the industry, go for it! Do not let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams and passion.


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How to Create an Engaging Title

Imagine that what you are writing is a person and the title is its physical appearance; it is the first thing that people see and notice. You need to get their attention and make them what to know more. The title should be engaging for them to continue reading.