DIGITAL MARKETING 2017: What awaits us all?

In this generation where digital technology is already considered a necessity, many brands and products are turning into digital technology as a way to create awareness to their target audience. It is already a must to be present online these days, as almost everybody can be found online. While the possibilities of online marketing are endless, always remember that everything changes, trends evolve and message channels improve. So, as we now live in another year, the question is what await us all this 2017?

Here are some of the trends that you should watch out (or use) for your brand this 2017:

(from left to right) Facebook Live, Periscope and Meerkat. Photo from

  1. Use of Live Video – according to Brandwatch, live video is now one of internet’s favorite shiny new toy. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter (thru Periscope) are all running live video features to their own sites, which are all heavily used even in 2016. We have witnessed how Live Video changed a huge part of our online experience as it even opened opportunities to ordinary netizens and also businesses to broadcast live stories, news and events. Jay Baer, President of Convince and Convert, even mentioned that Live Video made storytelling balanced, from glossy “best foot forward” to documentary-style realism. No wonder this is a huge hit!
  1. Marketing through Mobiles – everybody but very few people have their own mobile phones these days, even kids! Computers, laptops and tablets may still be used, but a lot of people access the internet over their smartphones. Which is why mobile-friendly web pages and applications are at its height, and experts are seeing more about these this 2017.
  1. Advertisement via Augmented Reality (AR) – Played Pokemon Go? This may be the main reason why AR is a must-watch trend this year. According to, Pokemon Go left two effects to the online marketing community: (1) Users are now ready for AR experiences, and (2) the app gave marketers a taste of earning potential. So we can expect companies to come out with strategies using this medium. You’ll never know, it can be you.
  1. Screenshot from Cadbury Dairy Milk Official Page.

    The Rise of Immersive Marketing – Have you already seen 360 videos on Facebook? Artworks are normally seen online these days, and they are too many in fact! 360 videos provide netizens the “experience” that they are doing more than just looking the photo. This definitely adds flavor and appeal to your social media posts. You may also try out other immersive experiences such as virtual reality or videos that allow your subscribers to have immersed experience with your brand.

  1. Native Advertising – weird as it may be since it is already a digital period, but Native Advertising are still a force to reckon with this year. Brandwatch reported that market forces will increase the prominence of Native Marketing this year due to the diminishing penetration of many ads as well as the decline of banner ads. Native Advertising’s ability to provide a natural-looking visibility for a brand makes it a right option in this era where loads of ads are directly telling you to buy their products.


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