Imagine that what you are writing is a person and the title is its physical appearance; it is the first thing that people see and notice. You need to get their attention and make them what to know more. The title should be engaging for them to continue reading.

Titles could either make or break the piece. Some writers come up with their title before they start the writing process, while some write it at the end. Engage them from the very start. Catch their attention, and make them want to read and finish it.

We do not want your effort and time to go to waste, so here are few ways on how to create an engaging title…

Use keywords

It is important to use keywords that are relevant to the content. It should be in both the title and the content. If a reader goes to search engines, he usually has a topic in mind. Based on the topic, he types in the keywords to find what he is looking for and that is when the use of keywords is useful.

It helps them find what they need easier and faster. Using keywords would most likely increase the number of readers.

*Tip: use keyword tools

Use numbers

The use of numbers in the title would give the reader an idea how long the material is.

8 words or less

You do not want to clutter your title. You need to be able to find the perfect word combinations that would show a glimpse of your work, but also you have to make sure to grab their attention. People also have a short attention span; thus, it is better to minimize the title as much as possible without losing the essence of an effective title.

Use emotions

People love emotions. The different emotions that you could play with are pain, pleasure, and curiosity. The use of emotions would make them feel intrigued and have more connection with the material.

“How to”, “Reason why”, and “A guide to”

These three always grab the attention of the readers. It has been proven to be effective for years. From the title itself, the reader would immediately know if the material would answer or solve his/her questions.

Ask a provocative question

Whenever asked a question, whether the person likes it or not, he naturally thinks of an answer. This natural instinct would engage the person into reading the material.


Image from: https://www.stthomas.edu/media/schooloflaw/lawlibrarytest/writing.jpg