Is Social Media Enough To Advertise A Brand?

Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Thousands of businesses make the mistake of relying on social media too much, to the point that they don’t even bother to be present on other forms of media. It’s not surprising because truth be told, social media is the cheapest way to advertise a business. It’s a great platform but it’s dangerous to assume that once you create a social media account and post your products, your target market will be instantly clicking the “like” button on your page. After all, your number of likes and followers won’t automatically generate sales if you don’t know the right content to post.

Why Relying Too Much On Social Media is a Big Mistake:

Using social media as the only platform of your marketing campaign can limit your chances of creating greater sales. Imagine the consumer market as a big lake and your brand is represented by a bottle. Your competitors also have bottles with different shapes and sizes. You all have the same objective–to fill up the bottle (your brand) with pure water (customers).

Of course, you can pick up the bottle and submerge it in the lake. However, this will make the water inside the bottle mix with the impurities in the lake. The principle is the same way when you try to collect as much as potential consumers as you can without having a fixed target market in mind. Now inside your bottle are small rocks which you do not need. These impurities represent the segment of another market that is not interested in your brand.

This Is Where Water Filters Come Handy—Enter: Social Media.

Social media can be described as that water filter that you need in order to extract pure water from the lake of consumerism. Social Media is capable of entering your market’s lives and enables you to discard the market that you don’t need to invest in. This is what will help you create a fitting online campaign for your target market’s demographics and life style.

Up to this point, you have succeeded with filling up your bottle with pure water. You are content, but as you looked at your competitors, you noticed that after extracting water they started using other ways to improve their situation. They began to add flavours in it to create juice; some competitors froze the water and created popsicles; some even sold their water so that they could buy more bottles. Your competitors have achieved greater things because they invested on tools and technology that gave them an advantage. You on the other hand, have already stopped with the water filter. That is how it is when social media is your only tool for marketing.

Who Are The Ones Who Usually Commit This Mistake?

Businesses who have limited budget to spend on advertising are usually the ones who heavily rely on social media in order to generate sales. It works for a time, but it is not enough. Social media should only be a tool that will bring the customers to you. The next crucial step after social media should be driving the traffic to your brand’s website, and creating advertising materials that will support it.

The Dangers of Relying On Social Media Marketing

  1. It’s good that your brand is on popular media but it’s also bad if everyone is on it! From small businesses to the corporate giants, marketers have been trying to catch up with technology. To be competing with thousands of other brands who use social media as an avenue in promoting their products means that the content your post should be well thought of and executed with quality.
  2. If your content isn’t eye catching, be prepared to lose potential buyers who are easily distracted by ads from other brands on their newsfeed. If potential customers stay on social media too long without a link to your own website, you will lose your customers.
  3. Your social media must also contain updated and relatable posts because if it becomes stagnant for too long, its fan base will disintegrate.
  4. Creating daily quality content is a task that takes up time so if you’re running a growing business it might be better to hire people to do it than spend precious time on social media.
  5. Trends also change every few months or so, that is why when you invest in social media like facebook or instagram today, there is a probability that it may not be that wise to do so after 5-10 years.
  6. Everyone is online, but that doesn’t mean that everyone believes what they see on the internet. Your ads must be supported by other media like magazine ads, PR articles, videos and activations among others.
  7. Great content is not enough, you should also know where to place your ads and to whom does it appeal to. The internet is not the only place where you can place your ad. You have so many options on how and where to advertise. Take advantage of that because when your potential customers see your brand often enough, they will think of it more often.

We cannot deny the fact that social media is still relevant in our marketing strategies. After all, it’s a platform that the consumers choose to be on. Social media marketing is not a bad thing but solely relying on it is.

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