Millennials and the World of Advertising

For over the years, advertising has evolved significantly and has gone a long way since. As time passed, the challenge of effectively reaching the market grows higher and channels of communication have been changing rapidly. While developments these days are good for this industry, there is still a dilemma called over-saturation which is believed to be caused by the over-saturated demographic group called millennial generation.

Who are Millennials?

Millennial, or Generation Y, is the generation born between 1982 to 2004 who, unlike Gen X, grew up with technology and social media as part of their everyday lives. This generation is born while technology is on the height of its development, which opened a door for millennials to grow up and adapt with it.

If you are part of this generation, it will be hard for you to imagine life without technology. Millennials see this innovation as a necessity, something that is too important in order to survive. Research shows that this generation is the most diverse generation and has a different way of seeing life than previous age group, which makes it harder for advertisers to come up with new ideas to reach them.

Advertising on Millennials

Unlike before that advertising influence people of how life should be lived, this generation turned the tables and made themselves the master of their own lives. In what I call Pre-Millennial Advertising, ads inform people of activities they need to do. These days, ads are more focused on feelings and telling people how to think, therefore creating social awareness and emotions-based campaigns. From “Have a break, Have a Kit-kat” lines, it is now “#ShineStrong” or Women Empowerment – meaning ads these days are no longer focused on the product features but more on the connection and social responsibility it has with and provides to its market.

We have seen how technology has changed the mindset of this generation. That, and the current crisis we are all facing, no doubt this generation looks for something that will create impact to people’s lives, and make them part of something bigger than themselves. Millennials grew up with their minds set to help change the world for the better, and so advertising go their way of thinking.

Because millennials are attached to technology, social media and the internet became the major avenues for advertisers to communicate their messages towards them. Traditionally, ads are placed on TV, radio and print. These days, most ads are seen on social media through creation of fan pages and other forms of digital marketing. The approach now is to position the brand as if it is also a real person with its own social media page, talking to people like they are equals.

Julia Deutsch of MintTwist listed down some tips to help advertisers understand this generation and create ads that will appeal to their interests:

  1. Quality over Quantity – millennials always look for quality when it comes to outputs and strategies. It would be best to come up with outputs that are products of high-thinking minds and efforts.
  1. Deeper Immersion – this is already done by most advertisers, since most of them choose technology and social media as their communication channels. But with everything that is going on over the internet, your ads should stand out by giving your audience the unique experience.
  1. Socially Responsible Branding and Marketing – As mentioned earlier, millennials consider themselves as socially responsible individuals who are trying to find ways to improve life. But if you are to do this, make sure to familiarize you with the chosen cause and craft a message that will be accepted by your target audience.
  1. Listen to the Conversation – in other words, stay informed. Trends these days usually change so it is important to keep yourselves updated.
  1. Make it Authentic – since millennials are all about connections, they can tell if the message you are trying to convey is real or not. Believability is the key.


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