With social media present now, email marketing has been considered as an old-fashioned way to market a brand. But, if used properly, email marketing can bring your brand the right exposure that it needs. But first, what is email marketing and how does it work?



Email marketing is a form of advertising that aims to send commercial messages via email to specific audience. This form of marketing is organized and targeted which aims to build strong customer relations, loyalty and brand awareness. Marketers usually create and design their email message and distribute it online by using email marketing service. Such message includes promotions, surveys, information about the brand among others.


Email marketing has been used by many businesses as a form of advertising. With the competition brewing up, some email marketers find it hard to keep their customers interested with the messages that they’ve been receiving. This often results to losing subscribers and less positive response about the brand. It is now a challenge to make an email message enticing and informative to establish good relationship with the customers.


 The question now is this: why should you use email marketing to advertise your brand? Here are some of the advantages and benefits of this platform:


  1. Email Marketing has the ability to reach a diverse yet targeted audience. Email marketing relies on internet, which poses the fact that there is no need for you to drive to postal offices or reach them by heading to their homes. All you need is the email addresses of your clients and you can simply send them the messages you wanted them to receive.


  1. Email Marketing does not demand too much of your time. All you need to do is craft your message, design how it looks, set up the address book and hit send. No more printing, folding and sealing an envelope.


  1. Email Marketing provides Real-Time and Personalized Message. You can be assured that your message will arrive on the day and time you have chosen for them to receive the message. What’s more, you can have it programmed and personalized, such as sending your customers with birthday greetings or other message that is tailored only for them. After all, email marketing is meant to build good and lasting relationships with your audience.


  1. Email Marketing reduces overhead costs. Doing email marketing does not require you to have a ton of employees. This can be done easily with only few people by utilizing email marketing services now available online. That, and the fact that sending multiple messages will be cheaper than postal mail.


  1. Email Marketing generates immediate response and provides access to potential customers. The purpose of marketing is, ultimately, to drive sales. With email marketing, potential customers can be found easily and can help you grow your contact list. Plus, since this is done online, it is easier to track if your efforts are successful through immediate response from the audience as well as through usage of analytics made available by email marketing services.


  1. Email Marketing help save the environment. Email means less paper, less ink and less effort. This means you help save trees and reduce which, in return, save the environment.



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