If you are debating whether or not you need to advertise, let me answer for you. Yes, you definitely do and here are the reasons why.

PRESENCE – In today’s world, it is unusual for a brand not to have any form of advertisement. You need to keep up with your competition and make your presence felt. Do not let them overshadow you. Make the viewers notice you and you have to position your company in the industry that you are in. Having advertising presence may lead to awareness, to increase in sales, and to educated consumers.

CONTROL- This is one of the greatest advantages of advertising and one of the main reasons why you need to advertise. You need to grab the chance that you have control over what goes out. Due to the fact that advertising is paid for, you get to decide WHAT your message is, WHO your target audience is, HOW you are going to execute, WHERE you are going to publish your advertising efforts and WHEN to release these.

First, you need to decide on WHAT your message is. Do you want to raise brand awareness? Do you want your audience to buy your product? Do you want your audience to avail your services? You have the control over the message you want to be communicated.

It is essential to know WHO your target audience is. Although, it is not enough to just know who you are targeting; you need to understand who they really are. There has to be a reason why they are your chosen audience.

The way on HOW you execute is one of the most crucial decisions you need to make. Brainstorm how you want your attack will be. The execution is a powerful tool that could that could either result to success or failure.

After finalizing what your message is, you need to figure out WHERE you want it to be communicated. There are many channels that you can use to get your message/s across such as through print ads, digital media, traditional media, and events to name a few.

One of the perks of advertising is saying WHEN all your advertising efforts will come out. You need to plan out the release and date executions properly.

REACH – It is a way for you to constantly communicate to your audience. Aside from that, you also get to tap other people; thus, expanding your market. Through advertising, it is possible that you see the bigger potential of your brand.


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