Social Media Marketing: Choosing the right platform for your brand

Not all social media advertising platforms are created equal. Each has its own strengths and weakness depending on the industry and target audience of the brand. Marketing your product to your audience requires you to know which among the list will suit best your campaign. And through this article, we will help you determine the right channel for your brand by understanding the various social media pages better.

Get to Know the Social Media Pages

  • Facebook – this site is undeniably the most used social media site for any type of business, making it a perfect avenue to market any brand type or industry. Its capacity to reach an audience is wide as most people are now on Facebook. Creating a business page on Facebook can be done easily plus it allows you to choose what you want your page to look and what to share. Aside from these, Facebook is a great channel to facilitate easier engagement and feedback between your brand and your target audience. While companies are after boosting their sales, remember that Facebook is used primarily to build relationship with your customers. This is why crafting the message that you will post on the page should be planned first and executed correctly.

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  • Twitter – Unlike Facebook, Twitter is patterned as an ongoing conversation with limited characters. The site successfully launched hashtags to make finding online messages easier. On business side, this microblogging site is perfect for reaching people through posts and expecting them to reply. This is also suited for breaking news post, updates, questions or asking your followers for their opinion. Just make sure to post engaging tweets frequently since conversation on Twitter is fast – paced.

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  • Instagram – Photos, videos and anything visual, that is Instagram. The creative element of your campaign is surely expected to be seen in your page, as most Instagram users look for sophisticated and beautiful posts from others. Like Twitter, Instagram also uses hashtags – lots of it at certain times – to easily navigate the topics and conversations as well as getting more likes and followers.

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As a general rule, it is important to keep in mind that marketing your brand in social media is all about forging relationships with your target audience. Remember, your social media page will serve as a face of your company, and you might want to brand yourself well.