What is Online Video Advertising?

Online video advertising refers to display advertisements that play video within them. These can be found occurring before, during or after a video stream, or on various platforms. It offers a quick venue for information and visual entertainment which make it appealing to the audience. Today, consumers expect advertising to be brief, targeted, and convenient. They immediately ignore clutter that doesn’t capture their attention. Thanks to video advertising, brands have been more effective in connecting with their consumers through engaging content delivered through various channels and devices.

Online videos showed to be a powerful medium of expanding reach and engagement in recent years. Did you know that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others? Or that 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad? According to Facebook statistics, people watch 100 million hours of videos daily. If this continues, it’s predicted that 69% of consumer internet traffic will be through video by 2017.

Bite-sized informative content – this is what consumers look for in videos. With ads, it’s most important to capture their attention in 3 seconds or less, or else lose them. The power of video might be hard to harness, but it can bring your brand to the trending list if done right.

Is online video advertising for you? Listed below are the types of video advertising you can choose from that might best suit your content.

Types of Online Video Advertising

In-stream Video Ads

In-stream video ads or linear video ads display content before, during, or after a piece of video content. These are the types of ads seen on YouTube videos. These types of ads present a good opportunity for a product to be seen especially when targeted to a specific audience.

According to Google, pre-roll ads are most effective and have the highest conversion rates. Keep it short and sweet, as some in-stream ads can be skipped after a few seconds.

Out-stream or Display Video Ads

Out-stream video ads need not be accompanied by other content or displayed on a video player. They can be seen independent on a website or within an article and are less intrusive than in-stream ads.

With any type of display ad, it’s important to have good knowledge of your audience segment. Make sure to align your content with relevant websites or related interests to get the most impact. A strong attention-grabber and call to action is also needed as the ad can drown amongst the other content on the page.

Interactive Video Ads

Interactive ads are the ones that take over the entire screen of whatever device the user is accessing. It usually pauses whatever content is ongoing, forcing the user to interact with it. If your brand’s main goal is to increase engagement, interactive ads would be best. It allows a range of different interactions, such as signing up to newsletters, visiting a website, downloading an app, or clicking for more information.

Social media video ads

Social media has changed the game in delivering branded content. The videos that users see on social media potentially present more essence than just promotional advertising. These videos are more shareable, and are more integrated with the content users typically interact with.

Sponsored videos are made to blend into the targeted audience’s timelines such that it stimulates organic reach and increase engagement for brands. The additional features of being able to share, discuss, “like”, or “tag” a brand in a post also enables consumers to reach out to brands with their concerns, which would have been a one-way communication path before. This allows further engagement and encourages users to interact with the post more.

In-Game video ads

As the name suggests, these are the ads that pop up when a user is playing a game on their mobile phone or tablet. Oftentimes, some kind of prize or bonus is granted to the player in exchange for watching the full content of the ad. Due its prize or compensation nature, some users are motivated to engage with the video ad, thus guaranteeing exposure for the brand.

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