Why People Hate Ads—Number 7 is so TRUE!

There are great ads, like the Jollibee ad that went viral on Valentines day. Then there are those ads that have the same content that play over and over again to the point that customers don’t want to deal with them anymore and decide to turn the TV off. Through this article we will scrutinize ads and look at when ads cross the line of creating prospective buyers or just plain annoying.

  1. Unrealistic Home Scenarios

Don’t you just hate the typical housewife-honey-I’m-home-husband scenarios? Like the best thing in a housewife’s day is seeing her husband after work. Not only is it annoying but sexist. Like it’s always the wife who does the cooking and cleaning, like her entire life is about making sure her kids have a nutritious breakfast and her husband has clean clothes. What about her dreams, her hobbies, the things that she actually enjoys? Ads should explore more on that.

  1. Unfair Depictions About Food

False advertising is illegal if brands use ingredients that are not included in the actual purchase but it’s not illegal if they work with the same ingredients—and that’s a little bit of cheating because they get to assemble the best looking burger in town. Creative teams and professional food stylists (yes, it’s a real job) dress up food like it’s a model ready to strut down New York Fashion Week. It’s unfair to have a “model” food in mind then receive a poorly made burger at the fast food counter.


It just ruins a good movie. You know when you’re really into the story and then there’s a detergent ad every 30 seconds? Very annoying.

  1. Advertising so Loud They Shout At Your Living Room

You’re watching a really good show and they take a commercial break. Three seconds ago, the TV volume was normal and now the volume is worse than your nagging mom. You jump up, scrambling to look for the remote under the couch just to lower the volume. After the ad and the show is on again, you have to adjust the volume back to normal.

  1. Everyone Has Butter Fingers

These infomercials always start with “Are you tired your current storage situation” then obviously, it has to be re-enacted by an inept person who destroys the closet by simply opening the door. These ads want to show that everyday tasks are too hard or nearly impossible without their product.

  1. Annoying Disturbances

Watching an episode that you’ve waited all week to see shouldn’t be disturbed by a 1 minute ad. Ads seem to pop up at the most inconvenient places, annoying their market instead of making them want to buy. Facebook Videos are the latest culprit. Try watching a facebook video without being interrupted by an ad!

  1. Click-baits!
    Advertisers use cunning words to bait the readers into clicking their links because the more clicks they get, the more money they receive. Click-baits are links that have cliff-hanger headlines. However, upon clicking the article the reader will be directed to sponsored ads that have very little to do with the headline. It uses phrases like “This made me cry” or “You won’t believe it” in their headlines. Comment on this post if you fell for the “Number 7 is so true”.