Why Your Business Needs A Logo

Today, one basic requirement in setting up a business is designing a logo.
The word “Logo” is from the Greek word “logos” which means word. In the earliest days, it was but a mere name to indicate where or who made a certain product. Back then, branding was not that important because people only looked at the goods that they purchased. It was only during the Industrial Era when factories boomed and businessmen had to label their products for them to be set apart from the others and be instantly recognized by buyers. This was how brand identity was born. As companies grew, they wanted more people to remember them thus they created interesting typefaces, taglines, tones, names, and of course logos.

Logos translate your company’s personality into one image. It represents your brand identity. At a glance, it shows the company’s uniqueness and character using different design techniques. Marketing materials and products also contain logos so that consumers will instantly recognize the product.

“Simple but elegant.” This is how great logos look like. It should be unique but simple, visually shouting one unified message about your brand. Its design should reflect on what the company’s business is or what industry is it in.

How Do Logos Help Businesses in Becoming Successful?

Fortune 500 companies don’t just randomly pick a logo for their brands. There’s an entire psychology behind it. When buying items like phones, cars, clothes—the second consideration after the price is the brand.

Human beings are designed to pick up and memorize shapes and colours then relate it to an emotion or an experience.  When consumers give their trust and preference to a brand, they look at it optimistically then this will give brands the potential to be bought over and over again because they now have loyal customers.

Logo design has drastically evolved over the years. Read about how to create the perfect design for your brand here.



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