Will Your Brand Make it Past the Skip Button?

We are in a society where people are bombarded daily with ads. They have been desensitized to ad exposure and it’s no easy feat to get hold of their attention. What can you do so they can remember you, or even prevent them from skipping the ad?

Skip AdEver since ads started to broadcast, the audience has always been capable of “skipping” the ad. People take bathroom breaks, change the TV or radio channel, or even literally close the online ad. According to ORC International, 90% of people skip pre-roll ads while 76% use ad blockers.

Brands only have about five seconds or less to capture their audience. In five seconds, a figurative or literal Skip Ad button will appear. For the audience, that’s enough time to decide. Brands have to convince their audience to continue watching the ad in that span of time or if not they must find a way to be noticed.

So what is the most important thing that should be communicated within seconds? Is it the ad message? Is it the product or service? The primary thing the audience must get from an ad within five seconds is the brand. Remember, time is short. You don’t have to wait until half of the video to expose your brand. If you want brand awareness, branding your content properly and seamlessly how you will get noticed and remembered.

“Branding” may be a very abstract term, but it basically means your identity – your promise to your customer and what differentiates you from competitors. Branding is essentially derived from who you are and how people perceive you. Branding your content means that everything included in your ad emulates or reflects your brand.

When it comes to branding content, it’s important to:

1. Ideally make content that people would want to watch, listen, or read on the chosen platform

Cliché as is sounds, content is king. Great content will always find its audience, and people will watch it whether it’s branded or not. In addition to this, it would also be beneficial to know the context of the platform where you’re going to post the ad. If you’re going for a pre-roll ad, what can you do to hold their attention? If the ad will appear on their news feed, how do you make them stop scrolling?

2. Include elements that people can associate with your brand

This one tells it like it is. Your opening frame should already have elements of your brand in it. It can be more than just a logo on the corner of the screen, branding can also come from the color of the character’s shirt, color of their environment, what they say or how they act in the ad, etc.

You can’t go wrong when you brand your content properly because the purpose of ads is to drive awareness and recall. Showcase your brand such that whether or not they close the ad, the audience will know it’s you. If you’re afraid that they might turn away because of it, maybe your brand is not the problem, it’s the ad.

The key is to create effective branded content and strategies to give your brand an edge in competitive markets. It differentiates you from the clutter, drives brand loyalty, and is the very thing that keeps you in the mind of your consumers. When you brand content, it’s not just about getting your name out there; you want to take a chance that the next time a consumer engages with your industry, they look for you not your competitor. When you brand content effectively, even after five seconds, you‘ll know that your brand will make it past the Skip button.






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